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Skills Acquisition Program

Skills Acquisition Program Logo

Location: LFA Training Center
1 Athletic Dr, Earth City, MO 63045
(formerly 1 Rams Way)

DO: Bring a water bottle/drink. 
Wear tennis shoes or football shoes.

DO NOT: Bring your own ball. 

General Info

The Skills Acquisition Program (SAP) is a one-of-a-kind initiative that will revolutionize the way football is coached and taught. Starting as young as two-years old and progressing through college years, the fundamentals learned through SAP will pay a lifetime of dividends. The core foundation of playing football will be taught through phases. Once an athlete shows the proper aptness for the required skills at each phase, then they will advance. So often, athletes are just thrown into a position due to body type. SAP eliminates that early on and coaches the entire athlete at every position. This allows each player to understand ALL aspects of the game. They will learn and gain appreciation for each position. This system of teaching also makes each athlete a better teammate since they will fully grasp what each member on the team is doing.

All programs are open to the public. Programs from Blue Helmet to Varsity include a t-shirt/ uniform. Players must be registered individually and paidn full during checkout.

Mighty Mites (ages 2–3)
LFA Training Center
Feb 3–Mar 25
Mon or Tue @ 11:00–11:30 or
Wed @ 3:30–4:00

Price: $5 per session
$20 five session punchcard
$75 unlimited sessions (24 total)

Mighty Tykes (ages 3–5)
LFA Training Center
Feb 3–Mar 25
Mon or Tue @ 11:30–12:15 or
Wed @ 4:00–4:45
Price: $7 per session
$30 five session punchard
$99 unlimited sessions (24 total)

Blue Helmet / Rookie (ages 5–7)
LFA Training Center
Jan 20–Mar 3
Mon & Fri @ 5:00–6:00

Price: $200.00

SAP Novice (ages 8–9)
Coming Soon

SAP Junior (ages 9–11)
Coming Soon

SAP Varsity (ages 11–14)
Coming Soon

Might Mites (ages 2–3)

The comfort of having a parent or loved one assisting makes this first football session a fun and positive experience. All the skills in the next phase are introduced and progressions encouraged as the young athlete grows. The parents help children learn and understand simple directions like forming a line, holding a soft football and following the rules. A fun introduction for bonding around the game of football!

Might Tykes (ages 3–5)

Each athlete must be ready to join a session by themselves. Basic football skills and movements are introduced. Drills like high knees, shuffle, back pedal, push-ups, sit-ups and football stances are taught. There are many more skills, both football and athletic in general, that will be introduced. All the players love to try the challenging games. High energy levels are encouraged and promoted as your athlete will learn to take instruction, play games and compete in a safe environment.

Blue Helmet Academy / SAP Rookie (ages 5–7)

The Blue Helmet Academy is the third step of SAP. It exists to identify players that are ready for the challenge of an increased emphasis on technical training and a competitive atmosphere based around an easy to learn, challenging program. The focus is placed firmly upon football skill development and instilling proper techniques at ALL POSITIONS within our athletes, while progressing into flag football game play. Players will build a strong foundation to grow from as they learn the core necessities of the game. The Blue Helmet Academy runs seasonally, with the next steps being flag football teams with a year commitment from player and club, and an introduction to tackle football at the 4th grade level.  Each athlete is STRONGLY encouraged to attend both sessions each week to advance physically, emotionally and mentally.

Contact Info

Marc "Bridge" Lillibridge, LFA Football Director
Office Phone: 314–595–2913