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Player Of The Week 2018

Lou Fusz Athletic is proud to recognize our athletes as Player Of The Week. These athletes demonstrate our Fusz Philosophy on and off the field.  We look forward to watching our athletes and teams grow into well rounded football players and want to highlight them when they’ve received an award/honor or have simply done something great.


Player of the week:

Kain McCaskill social

Honorable Mentions:

Kain McCaskill // Kimmel

Kain McCaskill is one of the best players in all of Lou Fusz Football.  But Kain isn’t one-dimensional.  He is also one of the best basketball players in the nation. Kain does well in school where his favorite subject is science.  All of Kain’s teammates love him and he takes pride in being a good friend.

Carson Gavwiner // Mclaughlin

Week 7

Player of the week:

Will Powers Social

Will Powers // McLaughlin

Will is 9 years old and is in fourth grade at Central Christian School in Clayton (he plays up a year at LFA). This is his fourth year playing football with this team and his third playing quarterback. Will is the youngest of three boys, all football players.  He is a natural leader who cherishes being a good teammate.  A future scientist, Will is hoping to invent an even better version of his favorite food, mac and cheese.  Besides football, Will plays baseball, basketball and watches his favorite movie, “Incredibles 2.”

Honorable Mentions:

Week 6

Player of the week:

Kyle Monroe Social-2

Kyle Monroe // McLaughlin

Kyle Monroe is not only an excellent football player, but he is an old soul who loves World War II history.  He attends Oakbrook Elementary where he excels in all his classes and is a vivacious reader.  Kyle loves a good piece of pizza and once his game is over on Sundays, he hustles home to soak in more football.

Honorable Mentions:

Clayton Dacus // Sargent

Kole Kitchen // Sargent

Week 5

Player of the week:

Christian Cage-Small

Christian Cage // Sargent

Christian scored the first touchdown inside the indoor facility in LFA history. Going by the nickname of “Flash,” Christian hopes his speed will allow him to play in the NFL for his favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  But Christian isn’t only about football.  He enjoys cracking jokes, playing video games and eating hamburgers.  He also is an aspiring scientist.

Honorable Mentions:

Dayton Hillmann // Laidlaw

Justin Terry // Abell

Zach Kem // Sargent