Gravy Bowl: Red Zone Battle


Ages: 3rd–8th Grade
Event Date: Friday, Nov. 29, 2019
Location: LFA Training Center
1 Rams Way, Earth City, MO 63045
Team Price: $120
Spectator Price: $5.00 CASH

General Info

The Gravy Bowl Red Zone Battle is a new, innovative tournament live and full-contact with game-like situations that builds teamwork, toughness and leadership. Teams pit their offenses against multiple defenses to see who ends up the Champion of the Red Zone.  The entire game takes place from the 10-yard line into the end zone; this is NOT a full game.  Points are awarded for touchdowns only.  Either the offense scores to win or the defenses carry the day.  The only way to advance is for your team to score the most points.  Designed for four, six or eight teams, the Red Zone Battle is high paced, intense and exciting! Fans are encouraged to surround the playing field and be close to the action.

Important Dates
Application Deadline: November 22, 2019
Application Fee Paid By: November 22, 2019
Accepted Teams Notified: November 24, 201

Game Style
This is a fast-paced game that focuses on precision, teamwork and execution. Teams rotate playing offense and defense with the goal of of being the first team to achieve a set number of points on their offensive chances. 1 Point per touchdown. For example:
Team 1’s Offense vs Team 2, 3, & 4’s Defenses
Team 2’s Offense vs Team 3, 4, 1’s Defenses
Team 3’s Offense vs Team 4, 1, 2’s Defenses
Team 4’s Offense vs Team 1, 2, 3’s Defenses

Team 1 offense will play each of the other team's defenses 1 time before the offense switches to Team 2. There is a 25 second play clock timing each play. This starts immediately at the conclusion of the previous play; defenses will have to hustle into position as offense can snap after 15 seconds remaining. When offence changes to the next team, they will have one minute to get from sideline to football snapped. Teams will rotate in the same order until a winner is crowned.

Eligibility & Age Divisions
Open to competitive teams in 3rd–8th grades.
A minimum of 4 teams / maximum 8 teams per age group will be allowed.

Athletic Trainer Services
Children's Hospital & Washington University Physician's Young Athlete Center will be providing the Athletic Training services at the tournament.

Contact Info

LFA Football Director: Marc "Bridge" Lillibridge

Weather Notice

All games will be played indoors on state of the art artificial turf fields…No rainouts! Any additional changes to the schedule deemed necessary by the LFA Tournament Committee will be exercised with as much notice as possible for all teams involved.