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What is FLEX?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Premier and Only 9v9 Limited-Contact Football League in Missouri.

Flex Football™ gameplay was created by former NFL players and is designed to give kids the thrill of football without all of the risks of impacts. It is a 9 on 9, limited-contact game in which there is NO HEAD OR SHOULDER CONTACT and NO TACKLING. Players are introduced to hands-only blocking and the basics of team-oriented football for the first time!

• A smarter way to experience football
• A safer way to develop “football skills”
• A league for all types of youth; big or small / first-timers or vets


Community-Centric League – Kids play with their friends, classmates and/or buddies! Parents get to enjoy weekend games within their social circles or create new ones. Why not be able to hang out with your friends while enjoying the game of football

Open League Participation – Boys and Girls are welcome! No previous football experience required. No tryouts. Everyone will play

Grade-based League – We firmly believe having participants play within their grade level accomplishes the most ‘symmetry’ within an age range. We feel kids are best served in the game of football with kids of their relative development – grade based leagues match this better then other methods.

Competitive Play – Score will be kept, playoffs will occur, champions will be crowned. Kids will learn the lessons of how to handle adversity and success.


With NFX Leagues, not only will players gain the experience of the pros, but PARENTS are able to maintain your busy schedule.

• Usually 1 practice per week, no more than 2 practices per week
• Games start on the hour every hour during game days
• Seasons are shorter, at only 8 weeks long


Playing Flex Football™ requires the use of soft-shell “Flex Gear”. This is the same gear utilized by the NFL and college teams during their “flex practices”; run at high-tempo with low-impact and no head or shoulder contact. All kids will be required to wear a soft-shell helmet and soft shoulder pad. We have acquired an exclusive discount with Rocksolid “Flex Gear”. They are the official Flex Gear provider of NFX and the only gear made specifically for football.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]