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Elite Performance Academy


Official sports performance partner of Lou Fusz Athletic. Elite Performance teaches scientifically driven programs that help athletes learn the correct techniques to become faster, quicker, stronger, more explosive and how to become all-around better players.

Elite Performance is based out of Chesterfield Missouri and now has a permanent presence at the LFA Training Center at Rams Park (located in Earth City, Missouri). Elite provides performance services for athletes of all ages and skill level. The performance programs are designed for each athlete in each sport to gain the maximum advantage in competition. Elite incorporates cutting-edge technologies to deliver peak-performance results.

Our partnership provides:

—Small group performance training every Monday and Wednesday, year-round.
• Youth and Middle School 5:30-6:30pm
• High School 6:30-8pm
—Team training by appointment at both Lou Fusz facilities.
—Individual private performance training by appointment.
—Combine preparation and testing.
—Access to ViPerform , Synaptic , and Functional Movement Screening

Also included in our partnership:
—Performance training as part of the FREE Spring Technical Training program.
—Performance training for ALL Blue Star athletes.

Training Ideology

A unique look at how athletes, particularly in soccer players, train:
The generic qualities that apply to ALL ATHLETES are things like AGGRESSIVENESS, INSTINCT, DEDICATION, and WORK ETHIC.

Elite Performance Academy understands what scouts and coaches are looking for and will help you:
—Connect on passes with precision, using greater strength and rotational power!
—Post eye popping 40 yard dash numbers and increased speed and explosion!
—Increase you leg speed and reduce your leg care through scientifically designed flexibility and mobility drills unique to soccer athletes!
—Be in the best shape so you can battle for jump balls and fend off defenders in the box!
—Have the confidence to know you can make any play and help your team win!