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COVID-19 Club Announcement


3/24/20 announcement

Good Afternoon LFA -

I hope everyone is doing as well as possible during this difficult stretch. As this is a significant challenge for all of us, in a few years our kids will look back on this time and remember scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, family meals at the dinner table and arts & crafts. Stay connected and p lease remember, this too shall pass!

As we have been given a little more guidance from local authorities, the shelter at home directive has been enacted until April 22nd. Lou Fusz Athletic will remain closed for all non-essential operations until that time. Both facilities, the Complex at Creve Couer MIll Rd & the Training Center at 1 Athletic Drive, will remain closed for recreational activities through that date.

Don't hesitate to reach out. Call your coach if you haven't heard from them yet! Send us photos and videos of your good ideas to pass the time while you're home! We have such a great community and want to stay as connected and helpful as possible!

See you all soon -


LFA Families - 3/16/20 announcement

Lou Fusz Athletic will temporarily suspend all sports programming, effective immediately, and will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19. With the health of our club and the greater St. Louis community in mind, we hope this preventative measure allows us to get back on the field sooner rather than later.

With the recent actions taken by multiple professional sports organizations and recommendations from the public health authorities in the field, we felt to exercise caution was in the best interest of our players, families, and fans.

Thank you for your support during this challenging time. The safety and security of our families will always be highest on our priority list!

We will be evaluating local and national conditions continually to determine when best to resume training and programming. Your coaches and Directors will be reaching out with plans during the time away from the club, and we will send out another club communication the week of March 23rd.

Dan Gargan

EVP & Managing Director